Exciting Scottish Job Opportunities in the Digital Sector

Exciting Scottish Job Opportunities in the Digital Sector

The modern, digital world holds a wealth of employment potential in today’s job market and that applies wherever you are in United Kingdom and particularly, in Scotland. With flexible, remote working possible across Virtual Private Networks and software collaboration an increasingly utilised resource for digital companies, the geographical divide between the North and South of the UK has significantly blurred in recent years.

Tech Careers

Scotland currently represents something of a hotbed in the tech sector, one that is expanding faster and faster as the days pass. This expansion is driving a requirement for new talent in the industry, which is in ideally needs to come from the scottish workforce. Those who may not have considered joining the industry before, should at least consider a career in the tech sector as it offers some really exciting opportunities.

Some of the world’s largest companies from the tech industry call Scotland their home. Companies like FanDuel and SkyScanner have major offices located in Edinburgh and Glasgow and each generates Billions of pounds every year in revenue. That’s not all, as major corporations like Amazon and Microsoft operate huge tech facilities in Scotland.

As the industry continues its inexorable rise, more and more of Scotland’s workforce will be required to fill the many associated IT Jobs that it contains. The prognosis over the next 5 years, is that there will be almost 13,000 new jobs created in the sector each and every year.

The opportunities are there to those who have the drive to take them.

Landscape of Opportunity

The roles being created in the sector are as varied as they are numerous and the appeal to a range of different skill sets. From data analysts to graphic artists and a raft of associated jobs in between, there is a real pioneering feel to the industry.

When we talk about a wealth of opportunity, it is not an exaggeration, as the demand is currently outstripping the supply, with many tech companies having a hard time filling all the available positions. A recent survey of tech companies in the UK has shown that almost half are experiencing a difficulty in recruitment, with a skills shortage in effect.

Rewards to Be Had

The rewards that jobs in the digital sector are very real, with average salaries sitting at almost £38k, a full £10k higher than the national average. These sorts of wages are on offer, not just to the coder or programmer either, as the industry dovetails into numerous associated professions, such as finance, HR, IT and digital marketing.

What comes along too with modern, forward thinking businesses, are concepts like flexible and remote working, offering great freedom to employees, allowing them to enjoy varied lives. The stuffy, traditional working environment is replaced by a modern, dynamic one in an exciting digital world. Shirts and ties are often entirely optional. 

So, if it’s a fulfilling, exciting, flexible working life you’re after, then the digital sector is where it’s at and what’s more, Scotland’s where its at too!